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hill realestate How can you increase the value of your South Jordan home and fetch a higher selling price? The obvious answer is to make upgrades. This will work, of course, if you can get a return on your investment.

For example, if similar South Jordan homes sell for $15,000 more with an up-to-the-minute kitchen, you might consider renovating your kitchen if you can do if for significantly less than $15,000.

The not-so-obvious way to increase the value of your South Jordan home is to make it easier to buy. If a buyer is considering two similarly-priced properties but cannot qualify for a mortgage, a lease-option could clinch the deal. If the option is structured wisely, the seller turns a profit whether or not the buyer decides to purchase at the end of the lease (usually two years).

Seller financing is another way to increase your South Jordan home’s value. Deciding to become the bank for your buyer is a serious decision. Some of the advantages to seller financing are as follows:

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